Features available on chapter web sites include;

  • Both public and members only sections. A chapter member may log in to the non-public area using their existing member ID and username.

  • Easy web browser based site configuration and content modification via. password log in for a chapter administrator. This system also allows for easy selection of which site features are available within the public and private sections of the site.

  • Searchable membership directory with optional links to members email or web sites.

  • Two conference forums, one for chapter members, and another shared with other SFSP.NET chapter members. These forums are excellent for study groups.

  • Two calendars, one for local chapter events, and another optionally shared with other SFSP.NET chapters.

  • Keyword searchable library system allowing easy uploading of text documents, web pages, and photos.

  • Current events section.

  • Broadcast E-mail service for chapter executive to easily e-mail announcements to chapter members.

  • Broadcast FAX capability allowing "two click" faxing all to chapter members with fax numbers.

  • Links section, fully customizable and expandable.

  • Membership Application.

  • Unlimited number of fully customizable web pages.

  • Email list server system for easy email based communication among members.

  • Sponsor section with a simple administrator interface to add or delete listings or links.

  • Low cost includes site hosting and maintenance of all data services plus email support for chapter administrators.

  • Instant site availability with a unique web site internet address within 48 hours after receipt of activation agreement.

The SFSP.NET chapter web site package is offered free of any charges for the first 60 days after activation.

There is NO COST OR OBLIGATION to activate and run the web site for the initial 60 days.

Beyond this initial trial period the charge is $40/month.

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