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July 22, 2018               



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"I have been very pleased by the opportunities I’ve had in my short time with SFSP. I’ve already met a variety of experienced financial services professionals who have been welcoming and eager to share their advice with me. Everyone has taken the time to learn about me and point me toward helpful resources, and I feel so very fortunate for having discovered SFSP. The Board and members ensure that activities, be they mixers or educational seminars, are valuable to everyone. The Continuing Education seminar at Deloitte Tax, for example, not only presented information valuable to each professional in an interactive, engaging way, but also showed me the pride each SFSP member takes in sharing resources that might be valuable to others in the group and ultimately their clients. Interaction between the audience and presenters was candid and free-flowing, a true learning environment, and I saw my coursework put into context in the tax professionals’ work in the “real world,” an exciting event for any student.  It can be hard to prioritize professional associations into a graduate student’s schedule, but I have been so pleased with my experience that SFSP activities are priority number one on this law student's extracurriculars list."

Ratnesh Bhattacharya, J.D. Candidate
Moritz College of Law, The Ohio State University






With a strong commitment to providing financial services with integrity, the Society's nearly 20,000 members nationwide are uniquely qualified to assist the public in reaching their short- and long-term financial goals.


Society members can provide expert advice on wealth accumulation, wealth preservation, and wealth transfer, as well as a wide variety of oter financial topics, from business compensation planning and employee benefits to charitable planning and tax issues.

Society members have earned – or are working towards – one or more of the most highly respected professional credentials in the financial services industry.  They belong to a multidisciplinary organization of financial professionals that requires career-long education and adherence to high ethical standards, and they agree to be bound by a code of conduct that puts the interests of their clients above their own.

If you are looking for a professional adviser with experience, knowledge, and ethical standards that you can trust, look to a member of the Society of Financial Service Professionals.

Society of Financial Service Professionals:  Solutions for a Secure Future.







The Society of Financial Service Professionals Mission Statement
The Columbus Chapter is dedicated to emphasizing high ethical standards while delivering advanced financial services education to its members. Membership in the Chapter as a fully credentialed financial service organization promotes: Professional growth through advanced education; Development of personal & professional relationships to encourage individual & business financial success; An unmatched commitment to preservation of integrity while serving the public in achieving financial goals.